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Note to all Customers: all policies can change without notification.

Payment Methods

All the prices are in Canadian dollars. At this time no taxes are being collected or service charges are being assigned for set up.

Dark French Host currently accepts payments in 2 different ways:
  • credit card - If you wish to pay with credit card you must be a member of the site. Sign up is free and if you have any questions about your privacy please chack out our privacy statement. We accept the following credit cards:

    sub domain    name    sub domain    nameserver

  • PayPal - If you wish to pay with Paypal you must be a member of the site. Sign up is free and if you have any questions about your privacy please chack out our privacy statement.
  • click here for the Paypal website

  • cheque or money order - If you wish to pay by cheque or money order please send payment to:

  • Dark French Host
    P.O. Box #20088
    2102-11th Ave.
    Regina, Saskatchewan

Over Bandwidth Charges

If a customers domain uses more bandwidth in one month than was stated in the purchased package an additional charge of $1.00 per Gb (for all data over at 1 Gb increments). These additional charges will be invoiced to the customer once charges reach $20.00 or at account renewal time (either yearly or monthly) which ever comes first.

Correspondence and Customer Contact Info

Dark French Host uses e-mail as the main mode of communication with customers. DFH will not call a customer unless it is a response to a request to telephone contact. Weather it be to welcome a new customer to DFH or to inform an existing customer of an overdue account and pending domain suspension the communication will be by e-mail. For this reason it is vital that our customer contact information be current. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that changes and updates are made to their contact info so that information concerning their account and domains can be received (this includes contact info stored on the DFH website and info stored on the http server accessed through the Plesk user interface). We recommend that the main contact e-mail NOT be associated with the domain being hosted as contact can be interrupted by a domain suspension (when a domain is suspended all e-mail traffic associated with that domain is also blocked). DFH takes no responsibility for domain suspensions, additional charges, any incurred expense, or lost income due to inability to contact a customer by e-mail.

Refunds and outstanding accounts

Dark French Host will only refund money if service has not been utilized. If one year has been paid for and if after 3 months has been utilized and a customer wishes to quit/cancel the service no refund will be available. Customers paying by cheque or money order will have 2 weeks to make full payment before services will shut down. Credit card and PayPal customers must be paid in full prior to services being initated. All customers who fail to meet their payment deadlines will have their domains shut down and will incurr an additional $10.00 re-instatement charge to their out standing balance. Dark French Host primarily does business electronically and all account inquiries should be sent to sales@darkfrenchhost.com.

Data Backup

In the event of equipment failure or server compromise Dark French Host is not resposible for any and all lost data. The customer is resonsible for keeping up to date backup copies of website infromation, mysql database infromation, and all account infromation (including passwords, email accounts, contact infromation, etc). In the event of equipment failure or server compromise Dark French Host will attempt to contact all customers affected by the outage so that all lost data can be replaced.

Accepted usage and content

Dark French Host will not host websites with adult content containing explicit materials featuring full nudity, sexual acts, or under age persons. Dark French Host will also not host websites that promote illegal practices or otherwise break local or international law. If you have any concerns if your site may fall into these categories please contact us at info@darkfrenchhost.com.
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